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Northgate Hall Community

Minutes: Board of Directors Meeting
Date:   December 2, 2015
Time:   7:00 PM
Place:  Remax Office Building 9414 Belair Road

Attendees:   S. Bevans, A. Chesser, T. DeHart, J. Dulny, R. Dunn, J. Lee, P. Lee, E. Stylc
Absent:        C. Marks, L. Meyer, B. Stallings, J. Wiggins

Meeting called to order by President Jerome Lee at approximately 7:10 P.M.


Split rail fencing was put around the wash-out area behind the end of Deviation Road. In addition to the fencing, green mesh wire was also erected to prevent any children from climbing through the fence. The wash-out has been an ongoing concern for many years from the residents at the end of Deviation Road and we have taken several measures in the past to address the problem. No Trespassing signs will be placed on all visible sides of the fence. As an added measure, please monitor your children's activity in this area and the open space in general. Feedback has been positive.


  • There was no increase in our insurance on the open space for the next annual billing cycle. A check for $600.00 was mailed to Erie Insurance on 11/24/15.
  • We were successful in getting a wage garnishment from one homeowner who failed to pay their 2015 annual assessment; payment also covered some legal fees. Obviously, this is NOT what the Board wants to have happen, but we tried numerous times to collect the assessment to no avail.
  • Discussion held on placing stone on the easement behind 9106-9110 Deviation Road; a project for spring 2016. This request is similar to work already performed by SK Landscaping on other easement areas. The work has been highly praised and some who did not want the stone initially have now expressed interest in getting the same behind their properties. The purpose of the stone is to alleviate muddy conditions on the easements and to allow residents access to bring lawnmowers and trash receptacles from the back to the front.
  • Assessments are ready to go! Board members will meet at 7:00 P.M. on January 20, 2016, at 9414 Belair Road to assemble and prepare for mailing. The assessments will go out the week of January 25, 2016. The $100.00 annual assessment is due March 1, 2016.

Please remit payment to the P. O. Box address on the assessment notice.

  • The Board has been in communication with Baltimore County in regards to the erosion from storm water runoff from county roads, through our open space, and into the county owned Storm Water Management Pond. We have solicited the help of Councilman Marks, DEPRM, and other county departments. President Lee attended the County Planning Board meeting in October and supplied pictures of the continued erosion and a letter of our concerns. While they were aware of the situation from our previous correspondences and emails, the county has stated there are no funds to assist us in resolving the issue. Because there is concern for safety issues, the Board is proactively soliciting three bids to halt any further erosion of our open space. However, we will continue our efforts to pursue this with the county.
  • We plan to invite Fred Reynolds, Community Outreach Officer, (White Marsh Precinct) to our general meeting in May 2016 to discuss crime statistics for our area, traffic issues, code violations, etc.

The Board would also like to thank County Councilman David Marks for his assistance in getting some of the streets in our community repaved. We do not know how these streets were selected or when\if other roads in our community will be repaved. We plan to invite Councilman Marks to our general meeting so if you have concerns for your street, please plan to attend the general meeting.

In addition, we appreciate his assistance to reposition the truck sign from Ebenezer Road to the Honeygo Boulevard side. Hopefully this will alert truck drivers to the weight restrictions on Ebenezer Road before they access. We will be watching for action on this.

Snow Removal

  • Just a reminder: snow must be cleared from your sidewalk and thrown on your grassy areas-NOT the street, no later than 24 hours after the last snowflake.

This is laid out in the Baltimore County Code of Ordinances, "Roads, Bridges and Sidewalks, 18-3-107 Removal of Snow and Ice." Baltimore County relies on reports from the public when sidewalks have not been cleared. A letter is sent out by the Department of Public Works after a complaint has been received. If a citation is made, it comes with a $25 fine.
If you are unable to shovel your sidewalks, plan ahead and arrange for the work to be performed for you. It is not an option….it is the law. Violators will be reported to Baltimore County Code Enforcement. SK Lawn and Landscaping said they are available for snow removal. Contact: Nirie at 443-415-2690 if interested

Dumpster Day

  • Scheduled for June 4, 2016. The county has informed us if we fail to fill the requested three cans, the number will be reduced in the future or cancelled all together. This has been a successful endeavor in the past and we would like to see it continue. Please plan to take advantage of this opportunity. The Association can request this free service once a year. We put in our request in early September and their calendar was already filling up for 2016. Specific information will be disseminated closer to the date.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:20 P.M.

The board would like to thank Auggie Chesser for her hospitality and refreshments.

We wish you all a Healthy, Peaceful, and Prosperous New Year!