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Northgate Hall Community

Minutes: Board of Directors Meeting
Date:     October 19, 2017
Time:     7:00 PM
Place:     Cummings & Company, 9607 Belair Road

Attendees: A. Chesser, T. DeHart, J Dulny, R. Dunn, D. Graber, J. Lee, C. Marks, S. Michno, B. Stallings, E. Stylc

Absent: L. Meyer, J. Wiggins

Meeting called to order by President Jerome Lee at approximately 7:00 PM.

The primary purpose of this meeting was to review our current Architectural Control policy and By-Laws.

Closer inspection of the original documents revealed out dated information as well as numerous grammar and or spelling errors. President Jerome Lee and Board Member Tom DeHart met with the community attorney to discuss what changes could be made to these documents and what procedure to follow. We would also like to take advantage of new technology (email) to communicate with and disseminate information to our homeowners.

Three board members examined the By-Laws and another board member addressed the Architectural Control document. The original documents should have had been provided to all homeowner and subsequently given to prospective buyers once the property sold or a settlement date was imminent. Discussion ensued.

Once changes are proposed and approved by the community attorney, a special meeting will be held to allow all homeowners an opportunity to vote on the changes to the By-Laws.

New Business
Treasurer Joe Dulny provided an update of expenses and an account of current funds on hand.

Construction has begun for the new elementary school slated to open in fall 2018. Project is located near Joppa and Chapel Roads. It is anticipated students from Northgate Hall will attend the new school.

Proposal to extend stonework to the end of Variation Road; behind homes on the odd side.

Old Business
Several board members met with Peggy Perry, Project Manager, Gunpowder Valley Conservancy to discuss placement of native trees around our open space along Kahl Avenue as well as a remedy to slow down rainwater flowing from Kilbride Road and ultimately ending behind the homes at the end of Deviation Road (9112-9121); this is also a contributing cause of the wash-out area. Ms. Perry made several recommendations to ease this problem and we will revisit this issue in the spring 2018. The placement of trees on Kahl Avenue will not cost the Association, however, we may have a cost of 10% for the latter project. The pooling of water on open space behind 9107 Kilbride Road was also discussed with her.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:15 PM.

Our thanks to Auggie Chesser for her hospitality.


Date: December 22, 2017. Please have your lights on by 6:00 PM.
Thank you for brightening up our community!!