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Northgate Hall Community

Minutes: Board of Directors Meeting
Date:     September 14, 2017
Time:     7:00 PM
Place:     Cummings & Company, 9607 Belair Road

Attendees: A. Chesser, T. DeHart, J Dulny, R. Dunn, J. Lee, P. Lee, B. Stallings, E. Stylc

Absent: D. Graber, C. Marks, S. Michno, L. Meyer, J. Wiggins

Meeting called to order by President Jerome Lee at approximately 6:57 PM.

We had a request from Amy Young, Clear Creeks Project Outreach/Volunteer to attend our board meeting as a follow-up to her appearance and presentation at our General Meeting June 8, 2017. She spoke on behalf of Peggy Perry, Project Manager, Gunpowder Valley Conservancy. Discussion centered on the option to plant native trees in an effort to slow down rainwater flowing from Kilbride Road and ultimately ending behind the homes at the end of Deviation Road (9112-9121); this is also the cause of the wash-out area. The pooling of water on open space behind 9107 Kilbride Road was also discussed. It was decided to set up a meeting with several board members and Ms. Perry sometime in October, to physically walk the area in question and garner ideas from her perspective. Northgate Hall's stormwater drains into Honeygo Run>White Marsh Run>into Bird River. It is part of the Bird River watershed, a subwatershed of the larger Gunpowder Watershed. The Gunpowder Valley Conservancy's Clear Creek Project has funding in 2018 to work with community associations like ours They have funds to provide FREE native trees, volunteer labor to install the trees and free maintenance for three years after planting. Feedback from any concerned homeowner is appreciated. Please send any ideas to the website and click the Contact Us tab.

We thank Amy for sharing her time and explanation for this program.

Agenda for the board meeting resumed following Ms. Young's presentation.


  • President Lee thanked Joe Dulny for handling community business while he was on vacation and also to Tom DeHart for sharing his opinion and acting as a soundboard.
  • Treasurer Joe Dulny provided a brief recap of our expenses and our cash on hand. We intend to continue to be financially prudent in our expenditures, but also will use the monies to improve the quality of residency for all our homeowners. He indicated that the majority of our expenses go for the maintenance of the open space and to pay the annual insurance premium for coverage of our open space. Please contact a board member or send a request through the association website if you have a special request or concern.
  • A key to the community P.O. Box was also given to Joe at this meeting.
  • Discussion held on options for investment opportunities to gain a higher interest rate for our funds. Joe and Roger volunteered to explore other opportunities.
  • After approximately 10 years, the community website was revamped so that "lengthy" multiple page documents could be better presented. The new website now contains the official telephone number for the association. Please note the new number is 443-826-2877. This is a trac fone purchased solely for the use of the association to conduct its business and to correspond with homeowners. You can contact the association between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. New letterhead stationery will be ordered to reflect the new telephone number.
  • A complaint was received relative to a rental property on Variation Road. The homeowner was contacted and assured that corrections to the deterioration of the property would be immediately addressed. All trash and debris was removed from the yard. The homeowner said repairs to the outside of the home would also be made. We will remain vigilant so that the neglected state does not adversely affect surrounding homes.
  • SK Lawn and Landscaping (community landscaper) planted an Eastern Red Bud tree on each of two islands (bump outs) on Deviation Road between 9020 & 9022 and 9023 & 9025, respectively. This was an effort to aesthetically improve the appearance as requested by a homeowner.
  • We continue to receive complaints of our homeowners DUMPING on open space. The latest occurred along Kahl Avenue and the "pond" areas. Anytime we have to remove trash, branches, grass/shrub clippings etc. and anything else from the open space, it costs each and every one of our homeowners! It is ridiculous that some in the community ignore posted signs and continue to use the open space as their private dump. If you see something….say something!
  • Discussion held on updating the By-Laws to make them current and more relevant. Jerome and Tom will meet with J. Carroll Holzer (community attorney) to ascertain what can be changed, the forum for change, and procedure to present changes to the homeowners. The By-Laws will be reviewed by several board members with recommendations and then sent back to the attorney. This is an extended process and may take some time for a finished product. Once finalized a special meeting of the association will be convened to vote by line item on each of the proposed changes.
  • A list of rental properties in our association has been comprised. A letter will be sent to those homeowners who have not registered their property with Baltimore County.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 PM. Thank you to Auggie Chesser for her hospitality.


Schools are in Session!

  • The Baltimore County Police Department reminds all drivers to stop when the lights on school buses are flashing. Maryland law states that vehicles must come to a complete stop on both sides of the street if there is no physical divider or barrier. Drivers who pass the bus before all lights have ceased flashing may face significant fines and\or citations.

"Disposing of Certain Materials in County Streets"

As autumn approaches and the trees start to lose their leaves, residents of our community are reminded that under Section 18-3-109 of Baltimore County Code, Title 1 M General, Roads, Bridges, Sidewalks which states that:

  • A person may not place, dispose, cast, throw on or into any road, street, sidewalk, lane, bridge or drain in the county:
    • Any metal, wood, glass, nails, grass clippings, leaves or any other object or article; or
    • Any dead animal, garbage, ashes, fruit, dirt, filth, obnoxious fluid or substance; or refuse of any kind

The Director of Public Works is charged with the responsibility of enforcement of this Article. Such unlawful acts may result in fines being issued.

Grass cuttings thrown into the street after lawn mowing are not only unsightly, but create hazardous conditions during rainy periods for traffic. Eventually these clippings find their way into the Chesapeake Bay Environmental System. The same result for leaves blown into the roads.

Please be considerate and take the time to sweep up any grass cuttings and leaves that land in the street and dispose of them properly.