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Northgate Hall Community

Northgate Hall General Meeting
Minutes 5/15/2019

President Jerome Lee called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.
32 members were in attendance.

Lee reported the following:
He informed everyone that the he received an email that cars have been broken into in the neighborhood.  He recommends that cars should always be locked and to not leave items in the car. Report the break ins or vandalism to Baltimore County Police (410) 887-2214.

Graffiti was put on a house on Joppa and Kilbride Roads.  Lee called to speak with the owner but no one answered the call.

Lee introduced two (2) guest speakers:

Eileen Robier was the first speaker.  She is a board member of the League of Woman Voters.   She asked that people come to visit their booth at the Perry Hall Town Fair on June 22, 2019.

David Marks, Baltimore County Councilman 5th District, also spoke and gave updates to the following:

At the corner of Joppa Road and Kahl Avenue, a developer would like to build a development of 28 town homes. The councilman has down zoned the open land in the Northgate Hall community.

This development has not been approved. With the down zoning this amount of homes cannot be built. The down zoning is 1.5 houses per acre. The developer is asking for this to be changed to 3.5 per acre.

David feels very connected to the community.  He has grown up in this community and lives in it.  He is aware of the intense overcrowding.  The county funded a 2nd elementary school and a new middle school.  The money for this did not get approved by the state, delaying this project for one year.

He explained that the new Strawbridge community across from Camp Chapel Church on Joppa Road is attracting empty nesters and a high income family. He has seen that the level of development has slowed down.

He is proud to state that there are four (4) new parks in our area.

Councilman Marks feels he can speak with County Executive Johnny Olszewski and he will listen and is open to other's point of view.

David said there is a 43 million dollar deficit and this will cause a lot of change. The new taxes proposed to tax cell phones $3.50 per line would help with this deficit.

The Hotel tax will be increased from 8% to 10%.

Developers will have to pay an impact fee and a Commercial fee for shopping center traffic.

This approach is moderate and reasonable.

The County Executive wants to install a 311 number.

Budget is excellent in the transportation department. There is more than 30 million in this budget.  Two miles of roadway will be resurfaced from Belair Road to Magledt Road.  This will create noise during the summer days.

David is here for the community and advocates for the community.  He stays in communication with the Police department and provides updates\information via social media.

The shopping center on the corner of Belair and Silver Spring Roads, where the Mars used to be, has been purchased by a European company.  The new store will be Lidl.  There is one in Aberdeen.  This store will be opening in the summer.

Perry Hall Square is being renovated and the Restaurant El Salto will be opening up soon.

The meeting was opened for questions:

The question was asked, what happened to the money from the lottery that was to be used for the schools?  David explained that it has been used for teacher's salaries and programs.

Next question was in reference to the bridge on Mohrs Lane, will it be rebuilt? David said that it is to be voted on.

David shared that there is a 10 acre parcel on Campbell Blvd. that has been approved to build a Wawa and a Steak n Shake and a Day Care Center and apartments.

A Whole Foods will be built across from the Towson Library.

David wrapped up his presentation by saying that he believes that this area is a great place to live.

Everyone thanked Councilman David Marks for his time and information.

Joe Dulny gave the financial report.

The community is in good shape.

He gave a breakdown of the expenses; the biggest one is the care for the open space.

The total expenses totaled $20,702.82

Individual breakdown is available upon request.

Forever stamps were purchased before the rates went up.  The stamps will be used for future mailings.

All bills are paid and up to date.

Lee gave the final assessment report.

242 property owners have paid their assessments out of 249.

Lee met with the Attorney J. Carrol Holzer and the seven (7) owners will be sent letters of notice that their assessments now include $100.00 attorney fee. The association pays the attorney fee and then the property owner pays it back. Five (5) homeowners have now paid and there are two (2) owners that are still outstanding.

Chuck Marks asked to speak and said that out of 249 households in the association only 32 people, some husband and wife, took the time to attend the once a year meeting.  This sparse attendance is disconcerting.  He is concerned Lee and his wife Trish are getting tired and who will step up when they retire?  Some board members are getting old, tired, and have health issues and there is a need for new board members.

He asked for us to think about what would happen if there wasn't any notice of the yearly fee sent out and no one to collect it and no one to follow through if anything happens on the common grounds or anyone to pay the bills or pay the insurance. What if there was a claim; it would be applied as a lien on all the households. Who stands up for the association? Who would handle any complaints or compliance for any violations? The association is in need of help.  Please speak with your neighbors and step up to be part of the association.

The subject was brought up that a number of cats are roaming the neighborhood and using people's gardens as their litter box.  A suggestion to call animal control was made. Anyone feeding the feral cats does not help this situation.

An attendee and resident of the 9200 block Kilbride Road informed the board that there was a tree down on the common space behind their house.

It was also brought up that people should be respectful of homeowners' yards and not cut across them with their pets and letting their pets urinate on the homeowner's property.

Also explained was that the Association has a resale package. This package has to be purchased for $100.00 when an owner is selling their property, unless they possess all current documents. It is the owner's responsibility to give to the buyer all the HOA documents informing them of the Covenants, By-Laws, Architectural Control Guidelines, and Articles of Incorporation.

An association has value in keeping the property values up and properties in good order.

If you are doing any outside improvements to your homes, you have to submit your plans to the architectural committee.  Your plans and the approval letter will be kept in the files.  If your improvements are not approved, the home owner could and would be asked to remove the improvement.  This is not to be difficult but to keep the neighborhood looking uniform and in good condition.

The suggestion was made that if you are going on vacation to consider letting your neighbors know so they can keep an eye on your property.

Lee also informed us that the drains at the end of Variation road and Transoms will be cleaned out.

Lee has contacted Baltimore city water department in reference to the water valve that is leaking at the end of Galley and Bowline.  Baltimore City Water department has not responded.

Roger Dunn asked for approval for the 2019 board members renewal.  Julie Wiggins, Bob Stallings, Trish Lee, Chuck Marks, and Debbie Graber. These members were approved.  Thirteen (13) members are needed and we are short one board member.  Lee explained that there are only four (4) meetings a year that you will need to attend. Bob Mowry and Denise Digristine volunteered.

Home owners were reminded to trim their trees and plants to keep sidewalks open and clear for families to walk on.

Lee adjourned the meeting.

Thanks to Auggie Chesser for tendering the minutes.