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Minutes: General Meeting
Date:     June 5, 2018
Time:      7:00 PM
Place:     Perry Hall Library; 9685 Honeygo Blvd, Perry Hall MD 21128

Attendees:   A. Chesser, T. DeHart, J. Dulny, R. Dunn, D. Graber, J. Lee, P. Lee, C. Marks, B. Stallings, E. Stylc, J. Wiggins

Absent:    S. Michno

Invited speakers: David Marks, Baltimore County Councilman Fifth District
                             Peggy Perry, Gunpowder Valley Conservancy
                             Jack Leonard, Engineer JGL Design
Guest speakers:   Joseph Cluster & Christian Miele, MD House of Delegates, District 8
                           Kathy Klausmeier, MD State Senator, District 8

On Tuesday, June 5, 2018, the annual general meeting for the Northgate Hall Community Association was held in the meeting room of the Perry Hall library. Doors opened at 6:30 PM to allow interested members to discuss proposed changes to the By-Laws in advance of the meeting.

We thank those who took the time to attend and show an interest in their community. The general meeting is the perfect opportunity to let your voice be heard and to make suggestions as to what you would like to see happen in Northgate Hall.

The meeting was called to order at approximately 7:04 PM by President Jerome Lee. He thanked those community members who participated in the tree planting effort along Kahl Avenue on April 28, 2018.

Because of other commitments for Councilman Marks, we altered our agenda to allow him to address the members first, followed by other speakers.

Councilman David Marks
Fifth District Councilman David Marks took the floor and gave a brief background of his ties to Perry Hall. Since his election in 2010, he reconfirmed his commitment to managing development, downzoning land use around Northgate Hall to D-1 category (one house per acre), reducing school overcrowding, and creating green open space.

The overcrowding issue has fueled the establishment for three new schools. Honeygo Elementary, a 720 seat school, will open in the fall for the new school year; elementary students from our community are slated to attend this new school. A second elementary school will open in 2020 followed by a new middle school in 2022. As a result of his leadership Perry Hall has realized four (4) recreational parks; each offering a number of activities for adults and children.

Council Marks also spoke on commercial revitalization for Perry Hall Shopping Center and a potential new tenant for the vacant building formerly occupied by Mars. The new CVS should open June 16, 2018.

At the end of his remarks there was a brief question and answer period. You can contact our councilman at,, or 410-887-3384. We sincerely appreciate David for taking the time to address our membership. He is always informative and up to date on issues for Perry Hall and our community.

Both Maryland House of Delegates, Christian Miele and Joseph Cluster, addressed the group next and talked about their work in the General Assembly. They touched on redistricting reform, improved condition of the Chesapeake Bay and high school overcrowding at Perry Hall and Parkville High Schools.

Due to an earlier meeting Senator Klausmeier arrived at approximately 7:50. She spoke briefly on the opioid epidemic gripping our nation, state, and Baltimore County as well as other issues.

All three (3) elected officials remained for the duration of the meeting to answer questions from their constituents. We appreciate their time and interest in our community.

Maryland primary is June 26, 2018. Whatever your party affiliation is - Let your voice be heard and VOTE!

Gunpowder Valley Conservancy
A representative from the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy attended our general meeting in 2017, and we began the process of obtaining resources and solutions to combat some of our water runoff problems. To further that effort we were happy to welcome Peggy Perry, Program Director, Education & Restoration for GVC and Jack Leonard, Engineer JGL Design to our annual meeting this year. The HOA has been successful in taking advantage of grant money to plant over one hundred (100) trees on our open space primarily along Kahl Avenue. We are also working with them to address the water accumulation behind Kilbride and Deviation Roads. Resolving these issues should also have a positive impact on the "wash-out" which has been an ongoing problem for years. We are committed to one (1) MBR (Micro-Bio Retention) Garden for 2018. The plan calls for a total of four (4) MBRs, but the association has to find out what percentage of grant money we can receive for 2019. Bottom line this is a costly project and we want to explore all avenues. The Board of Directors will meet with Peggy and Jack to garner more information.
For more information on these initiatives contact Peggy at or 410-692-0468.
We thank Peggy and Jack for taking the time to enlighten our members. They stayed for the duration of our meeting to answer questions from concerned homeowners.

Treasurer Joe Dulny provided a financial report of expenditures and monies received for 2017\2018, and a recap of our funds on hand. A motion was made to accept and seconded and unanimously agreed to by attendees. Our income is derived from the annual assessment and sale of HOA documents required for property resale. He stated that approximately 80% of our income is used for the maintenance of our open space: grass cutting and weeding, spraying noxious weeds, pruning trees or removal of fallen or dead branches\trees and insurance on common areas. Other expenditures include miscellaneous office supplies, computer paper, envelopes, and postage, etc.

Two hundred forty-one (241) homeowners or roughly 97.0% paid their assessment on time.
On April 17, 2018, President Lee submitted the names of eight (8) residents for non-payment to the community attorney. J. Carroll Holzer sent out letters that day to the eight (8) homeowners with a due date of May 2, 2018. They were instructed to pay the original assessment as well as the corresponding attorney fees. With one (1) exception all complied. Further legal action will be pursued by the HOA against the lone delinquent homeowner.

Three (3) board members reviewed the outdated By-Laws and made recommendations for change to bring the document up to modern standards. The By-Laws were then submitted to the community attorney in February 2018, for review and agreement. Aside from correcting spelling and grammatical errors, eleven (11) changes\additions were presented to the members. By unanimous decision all changes\additions were voted upon and accepted to become a permanent part of the By-Laws.
In the next few days Updated By-Laws will be sent via email. Depending on your email parameters, you may also want to check your SPAM folder.
Note: This document does not constitute a re-sale package; it is only a part of the total package.

In spite of the rain and mix-up in the date, Dumpster Day was a success. We filled two (2) full "cans" and 2/3 of the third one. We plan to schedule a date in spring 2019.

By unanimous acclamation all current board members up for re-election remain in effect:

  • Auggie Chesser
  • Tom DeHart
  • Joe Dulny
  • Roger Dunn
  • Sylwia Michno
  • Ed Stylc

In an effort to entice more members to attend the general meeting, this is the sixth year for a chance to win a $25.00 gift card for attendance. Congratulations to Robert Williams whose name was drawn.

  • The Board of Directors presented Outback gift cards to Jerome and Patricia Lee in appreciation for their dedication and hard work on behalf of the community association.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:24 PM.

Questions? Please contact us at