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Northgate Hall Community

Community Members,

Please read the proposed bill below and take a few minutes of your time right now and send an email to the Baltimore County Council supporting a new elementary school and land for a future middle and high school. The Board of Directors was just informed of this proposal and we whole heartedly support it. The bill is to come before the council on Monday, April 6, 2015. That is why we ask that you do it now. Councilman Marks has done a lot for this community, so let's help him in this endeavor which also helps our community. Please send your email to the highlighted address listed at the bottom of this page.

Councilman Marks proposed Bill No. 21-15 to recalibrate the Honeygo Plan by tying future building permits to the construction of a new elementary school, and acquisition of land for a middle and a high school.  The County Executive has supported funding for a 700-seat school, and as many as four sites are being considered.

Overcrowding is the worst at the elementary school level.  Development is a factor, but demographic changes also play a role.

  • Perry Hall Elementary School, 132 percent above capacity
  • Shady Spring Elementary, 130 percent
  • Victory Villa Elementary, 129 percent
  • Chapel Hill Elementary, 124 percent
  • Joppa View Elementary, 114 percent
  • Perry Hall Middle School, at capacity
  • Perry Hall High School, at capacity

Please Email: 
giving your support to Bill No. 21-15

Thank You!

Attention Homeowners:

We have been informed that companies/contractors have been soliciting for home improvements in our community. We would like to reiterate that any architectural change must be submitted in writing to the Architectural Control Committee by the homeowner. Numerous communications have been sent to all residents regarding the information that is required.

The Association does not deal directly with any company/contractor; rather all communication is to be between the Association and the homeowner.

In the past couple of months we have fielded requests from companies stating they are acting on behalf of a homeowner. The Association will not give approval to any company/contractor. Pursuant to Article V of the Northgate Hall Community Association Covenants, any action taken by the Architectural Control Committee (approval/disapproval) will be forwarded in writing to the homeowner.

We ask that all homeowners comply with Article V, as we would rather converse with our neighbors.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Board of Directors
Northgate Hall Community Association