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Northgate Hall Community

Minutes: Board of Directors Meeting
Date:     January 30, 2018
Time:      7:00 PM
Place:     Cummings & Company 9607 Belair Road

Attendees:   T. DeHart, R. Dunn, J. Lee, C. Marks, B. Stallings, E. Stylc, J. Wiggins

Absent:    A. Chesser, J. Dulny, D. Graber, S. Michno, L. Meyer

Meeting called to order by President Jerome Lee at approximately 7:00 PM.

The primary purpose of this meeting was to assemble the assessment notices and prepare them for mailing.  Assessment notices were verified and accounted for all homeowners and were taken to the Nottingham Post Office on January 31, 2018 for mailing. Our thanks to Curtis and Julie Wiggins for printing the assessment notices.

Old Business
As mentioned in previous board meeting minutes, inspection of the original By-Laws and Architectural Control documents revealed out dated information as well as numerous grammar and or spelling errors. Corrections were made to both documents and presented to the community attorney for review. As there were only minor changes to the By Laws, it was decided these changes could be voted on at our annual general meeting. This would eliminate the expense of generating a community wide mailing announcing the changes and the need for securing a special meeting place. It costs the community association $30.00 to reserve the meeting room at the Perry Hall Library.

Items to be voted on will be included in the announcement of the annual general meeting.

It is anticipated to complete the stonework to the end of Variation Road in the Spring 2018; behind homes on the odd side.

Winners of the holiday lighting contest were read to the board.

New Business
President Lee received the 2018 maintenance contract from SK Lawn and Landscaping. There will be no increase for services to maintain our open space.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:15 PM.

Our thanks to Auggie Chesser for the use of the meeting room.