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Northgate Hall Community

Minutes: Board of Directors Meeting
Date:     February 17, 2016
Time:     7:00 PM
Place:    Remax Office Building 9414 Belair Road

Attendees: S. Bevans, A. Chesser, J. Dulny, R. Dunn, J. Lee, P. Lee, C. Marks, B. Stallings, E. Stylc,
J. Wiggins

Absent:      T. DeHart, L. Meyer

Meeting called to order by President Jerome Lee at approximately 7:05 P.M.


As discussed and noted in the minutes from the board meeting held on December 2, 2015, it was proposed to use SK Lawn & Landscaping to place stone on the easement behind 9106-9110 Deviation Road. The board gave final approval tonight to move forward with this project. In addition, we will continue to mulch around some of the trees on "open space" and reseed in areas as needed. Jerome will coordinate this with our landscaper.

We continue to receive positive feedback on the fencing put around the washout behind the end of Deviation Road.


  • President Lee gave an update on our financial status. He also expressed interest in using a Quicken program that would help manage our finances; information could be downloaded from Bank of America into a secure spreadsheet format to track our expenditures. All information is password protected and similar to what many people already use, except we would use a business model. The board approved this measure. We're taking advantage of technology that is available.
  • As of 2/17/16, we have received about half of the assessments. We expect a heavy influx in the next two weeks so as to meet the due date of March 1, 2016.
  • In the last several weeks, we have fielded emails and phone calls from residents who received letters relative to rezoning proposals in our area under 2016 CZMP Issue 5-082. We submit the letters were not very specific nor explanatory. Basically, the County Council visits this every four years to look at the zoning or potential development for property throughout Baltimore County. The designation of DR1 to DR1H means it has to conform to the Honeygo overlay district which makes it more restrictive and has to meet more stringent oversight. We do know of planned development on land between Kahl and Joppa Roads; obviously Kahl Avenue is adjacent to our open space and of interest to us.
  • To hear first-hand on the rezoning request, we encourage our residents to attend the Planning Meeting on March 22, 2016 at Perry Hall High School at 6:00 P.M. You have probably noticed signs posted along Ebenezer Road announcing the meeting.
  • We received a letter from a homeowner concerned about the fecal matter from ducks\geese accumulating on open space. Not only is it unsightly, but also can be toxic. We ask our homeowners to refrain from feeding these migratory birds as it could interrupt their natural flight path. Let nature take its course.
  • Also mentioned in the last board minutes. We have been in communication with Baltimore County in regards to the erosion from storm water runoff from county roads, through our open space, and into the county owned Storm Water Management Pond. We had solicited the help of Councilman Marks, DEPRM, and other county departments. President Lee attended the County Planning Board meeting in October 2015, and supplied pictures of the continued erosion and a letter of our concerns. With no response initially, subsequent letters and emails have been sent to members of DEPRM and the Planning Board of Baltimore County. The results of these discussions and what cost may be passed along to this community association will be discussed at length during our May 2016 general meeting.
  • Speaking of the annual general meeting, it is scheduled for May 17, 2016, at 6:45 P.M. at the Perry Hall Library. We plan to invite Fred Reynolds, Community Outreach Officer, (White Marsh Precinct 9) to discuss crime statistics for our area, traffic issues, code violations, etc.
    Other planned invitees are:
    • Baltimore Councilman David Marks, 5th District,
    • MD House of Delegates Christian Miele, Legislative District 8
    • MD State Senator Kathy Klausmeier, 8th Legislative District
  • Board approval was granted to correct the drainage problem at the end of Variation Road. Erosion has blocked a suitable path for the residents on the even side to transverse from the rear of their dwelling to the front.
  • Holiday light winners were posted to the website and checks mailed via USPS on 1/30/16.
  • Discussion held relative to using the Boy Scouts to assist in a community clean-up project, similar to what was done a couple of years ago. More input needed as to where and when.

Dumpster Day
Scheduled for June 4, 2016, 7:00 A.M. till noon. The county has informed us if we fail to fill the requested three cans, the number will be reduced in the future or cancelled all together. This has been a successful endeavor in the past and we would like to see it continue. Please plan to take advantage of this opportunity. The Association can request this free service once a year. We put in our request in early September 2015, and their calendar was already filling up for 2016. Specific information will be disseminated closer to the date.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for April 12, 2016, at 7:00 P.M. at the Remax Office Building 9414 Belair Road. The primary purpose of this meeting is to prepare the mailing announcement for the general meeting that is sent to all homeowners.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 P.M.

The board would like to thank Auggie Chesser for her hospitality and refreshments.