Northgate Hall Community

P.O. Box 44375
Nottingham, Maryland 21236-6375
(443) 826-2877

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Hello Community Association Members,

There is no question that 2020 has been a challenging year for us. We have been forced to make adjustments to our daily routines and become creative with meeting our personal needs. The activities for our community did not escape the restrictions for COVID-19 either. We were unable to hold our yearly community cleanup in May or our general meeting scheduled in June. With so much uncertainty remaining for the rest of the year we plan to schedule these for 2021. You will be notified via first class mail with dates and times.

However, we wanted to keep you informed of what the board has been working on in the background.

2020 Assessment-Received the annual payment of $100.00 from every homeowner.

Architectural Control Committee Guidelines

While improvement to a property is beneficial to the entire community, we would like to remind all homeowners to follow the proper procedures. It not only protects the homeowner but the Association as well. Below is an excerpt from Article V.

Except for original construction or as otherwise in these covenants provided, no building, deck, fence, wall, or other structure shall be commenced, erected, or maintained upon property, nor shall any exterior addition or change (including any change in color) or alteration therein be made until the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, color and location of the same shall have been submitted to and approved in writing as to harmony of exterior design, color, and location in relation to surrounding structures and topography by the Architectural Control Committee. A start and end date for any project is required.


As the weather has gotten warmer more residents are enjoying outside activities. Just a reminder, please leash your pet when walking and don’t allow them to urinate or defecate on your neighbor’s property. Many of our homeowners take great pride in the appearance of their lawn and spend money for cutting, edging, fertilizing, planting bushes and flowers, etc.

And as hard as it might be to believe....not everyone wants children traipsing on their property, so please keep your children on your own property. Respect the rights of others.

Our thanks to an observant resident who noted a foul stench and toxic substance flowing from a pipe that connects with the storm water management pond and provided a video as evidence. The discharge caused a fish kill and thick scum to form on top of the pond. With the help of Councilman David Marks, we were able to get EPA involved and the alleged offender was contacted.

We wish everyone a safe and healthy remainder of the year. Protect yourself and your loved ones.



Suppose ....Just Suppose

That no one paid the insurance bill for liability protection relative to the Common Grounds and then suppose that the H.O.A. was sued by someone injured on our grounds; and was awarded a Judgement for 1 million dollars. Do you realize the impact on your property? Good luck in finding a buyer and passing a good title to your home.

Suppose no one took care of maintenance of the common areas, and the grass was permitted to grow without restraint.

Suppose no one undertook measures to make sure that no one painted their exterior a magnificent purple or erected a non-permitted addition restricting your view.

Suppose a rotted tree fell on your property and caused extensive damage to your home. Where would you go?

Suppose no one was in contact with the local councilman to resolve problems affecting the community. There is strength in numbers!

Suppose someone caused extensive damage to the common grounds. Who would follow through with the police?

Suppose no one wanted to serve on the Board of Directors; or "Lee" and Trish did not want to serve as an officer of the corporation.

Suppose it was decided by the Board to turn the affairs of the Association over to a professional Management Company. Do you think your yearly assessment would remain at $100.00?

I raise the questions because of the poor turnout for the annual meeting. Thanks to those who did attend; and with understanding that many had legitimate reasons for not attending.

But for those who did not attend with no legitimate excuse for not coming, it demonstrates apathy or
"Who really cares"……Good for the Community that someone does!!

Respectfully submitted,

Chuck Marks
Vice President